The effect of pornography on faith and family life

 With the prevalence of porn companies like XHamster, almost everyone watches porn on the daily. The rapid shift from porn magazines, which were somewhat difficult to procure, to readily available porn videos you can stream from anywhere you want. Some people have been asking questions about the effects one’s porn consumption might have on their faith and family life. After all, watching porn could be seen as harmful to a couple’s sex life. It is also worthwhile to think about its effects on the brain and personality in general.

First, it’s essential to consider pornography through the eyes of a faithful, god-fearing person. Does watching porn distance you from God? Does watching it make you think thoughts that would be considered sinful in your religion?


Firstly, it’s important to realize that religion is continuously evolving. What has postulated thousands of years ago as things God wanted us to do, may not be the same things as what he wants today? For example, abstaining from pork was because pork used to carry a virus which could cause severe disease. Masturbation lies in a similar vein, what used to be a method of forbidding a man from lusting for women other than his wife, is now a relic of times past.

Most men don’t lust after the pornstars they watch, watching porn merely is a ritual which stimulates them. Many still think of their wives even if masturbating to porn. Besides that, since porn wasn’t a thing in the ancient ages, the holy books speak not of it.

When it comes to family life, the situation is similar, and porn generally doesn’t do any damage. Porn addiction can be a real problem, but that’s not an issue of the medium itself. Someone can get addicted to, and use anything as a crutch.

Porn, in most relationships, is perfectly healthy, it helps both partners to explore their sexuality, as well as giving some good ideas sometimes. Porn can also uncover new fantasies to try with your partner which may wind up with bonding the two of you further. Porn is also conducive to a healthy sexual life after all your partner might not always be in the mood, and it’s much better to wank to porn than to go off and cheat.