There should not be any competition between sexual free and religious freedom. Every person has a right to religion and sexual preference should not be used as a basis to deny a human right.

A lot of discussions have been ongoing regarding the people who choose to be gay instead of the common sexual relation. These people are regarded as morally wrong and the church tends to sideline them.

There are several amendments that are in place that seek to protect lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and gay against any form of discrimination including freedom of worship. Despite all the efforts and legislation, sexual freedom has not been embraced by most people. You’ll find a student being expelled from a public school funded by a religious organization due to his sexual preference.

For most people, religious freedom is more important than sexual freedom. In America, for instance, only 1 in 10 people claim that sexual freedom is more important than religious freedom. The rest prefer keeping their sexual preference to themselves so that they can gain acceptance in their religion of choice.

According to a recent research, the majority of those who discriminate against those that have a different sexual stand is hate. The view the act as a taboo and would not want to get associated with such an ‘ungodly’ act.

The people who are deeply grounded in religion claim that their faith does allow sexual freedom to a certain extent. This is between a man and a woman and for this, they’ll oppose anything else that is not in agreement with their faith.

The truth is, when people go to church, the main focus is worship, not thinking about other people’s sexuality. However, sexualfreedom and religious freedom still have a lot of connection that cannot be ignored. Some religions claim that the body is the temple of God and one should, therefore, do what the Bible teaches about sex.