Contrary to what the church teaches, sex is not a sin. God planned the issue of sex since creation and as such, what God ordained is not a sin. Here are some of the truths about sex that you will not be told in church:

  1. Marriage does not make sex right for everyone

After marriage, you have the right to enjoy sex. However, it is not the marriage certificate that makes sex amazing, it is the effort you’ll put into it. If you don’t work on your relationship as a married couple, sex can be really baddespite believing in the bible.

To enjoy sex after marriage, you have to work on your relationship. You need to be transparent and have a mutual agreement to have sex. If this is not the case, you’ll hate sex for the rest of the of your marriage life.

  1. Sex before marriage does not ruin your life

There are some churches that claim that having sex before marriage completely destroys you. your attitude towards sex is what will destroy you.

Figure out a person who was sexually abused in his youth, does this make her damaged goods? Doesn’t she have a right to enjoy his youth and her marriage in the future?

Your worth is not in what religion says about sex, it is in your attitude towards it.

  1. Women should enjoy sex, not just fulfill a man’s needs

When women are being taught about marriage, they are advised to fulfill their husband’s needs without regarding what they want.

The truth is, as a woman, you are not a sex toy! You have the right to say no when you are not in the mood.

  1. Sex is not only for the heterosexuals

Every person regardless of his sexual preference has a right to enjoy sex. Some churches believe that only the straight gender people have a right to sex while others should hold their sexual urge.

Some churches such as the seventh day Adventist recognize the people with a different sexual preference.