Just like the world is under constant change, the people views on biblical laws are changing. What people used to view as a sin in the past is today accepted as the gospel truth. Here are some of the views regarding biblical laws that have evolved:

  • Over 35% of Christians in America believe that there is a high likelihood that Jesus will not return to the earth as the bible says.
  • Only 33% of Christians in America view the bible as the true word of God and take it as such.
  • Over 65% of the Christians in America believe that besides Christianity, there are other religions like Islam that could lead to eternity.

When Jesus Christ came into the world, the Christianity people knew in the Old Testament changed. Instead of following what the Old Testament, the church began following the teaching of Jesus Christ. They took the words of Christ as law and followed it to the latter.

When Jesus Christ ascended, the leaders of the churches who were apostles of Christ wrote letters to the church which became the guiding principles for these churches. The Christians were taught to shun all forms of pagan worship and obeyed.

After the persecution of the apostles, the church was weakened and was scattered. The Christianity that emerged after this persecution had different beliefs and teachings. The unity of Christ was gone and in its place, a divided church emerged.

The church became self-centered and instead of working towards a common body of Christ, every preacher seeks to pull people to himself. If one church teaches against pagan worship, the other will encourage people to embrace it. The only common topic in Christianity is Jesus Christ as everything else has been changed to suit selfish ambitions. It will not be a shock to find two preachers teaching on the same bible verse with very different interpretations. Everyone today is preaching to make a name, not to spread the original message of Christ.